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I am so, so, thrilled to say, that after a morning of stress and tearing my hair out over all things tech, I made a big jump forward…. Never one to shy away from a challenge, alongside running my London based brand empowering Fashion Consultancy, I decided to take on a new challenge: to a launch an Instagram Platform solving the problem faced by unique crafted luxury fashion brands around having somewhere to sell, and for luxury customers like us to have somewhere to buy unique pieces.

Today we have taken a huge step forward in our journey, entering into the ever-evolving world of Luxury Fashion. Bespoke Your World (@bespokeyourworld on Instagram!) allows me to sell the unique pieces I’ve curated through our wonderful partner, Spreesy

From today, Team WowMaker and I are starting to showcase new Wow collections to buy from our favourite makers. The collections will be unique in so many ways, just like the brands my Fashion Consultancy works with – everyone I work with makes me Wow. For me, that’s the point of fashion: to create emotion, must-have, and Wow factor.


Today we are telling the story of a gorgeous cream-coloured coat – completely unique and one of a kind. I met its London maker a few months ago, who travels the world hunting down beautifully patterned vintage carpets to turn into individually crafted coats. I immediately loved the magic of the transformations – the idea that these fabrics had once been the centre point of someone’s dining room, or a trophy tapestry somewhere on the other side of the world. Seeing these intricately woven items given a new lease of life and love totally Wowed me, and I wanted to share it.

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The fringed and handcrafted coat is now exclusively available to buy on Instagram. It’s a journey of highs, lows, tears, and hugs… But every piece of feedback we hear from our amazing community makes it all worth it for me.

This morning I was on the phone to an amazing maker in Italy, whose story, passion and collection was simply incredible…. The story’s coming soon, so excited to share it!

Now I’m off to meditate before presenting our concept to the tech world of Shoreditch! FashionMakers head to Tech Land…!
Love, Sara

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