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For the past four months my London Fashion Consultancy and the amazing Gemmi team have been working on creating a  new brand vision for modern woman and the hundred-year old luxury fur atelier. I travelled to the harbour town of Lovisa in Finland to meet the two sisters with a vibrant dream to reinvigorate the craft at the heart of their community.

Susanne and Cati grew up going to school in Louivsa, and the work shop and atelier of Gemmi were always at the heart of the community. Last year The Gemmi Fur House was on the verge of being closed down, with the skilled artisans at risk of loosing their livelihood. Susanne and Cati passionate about Luxury that is crafted and unique decided to rescue the company and create a new era for the brand.


When I met the Gemmi Team I fell in love with the arctic soul running through every one of their creations Cati and Susanne’s passion is to share the rich Finnish heritage and responsible fur cratsmanship with the world. I’ve been fashion consulting with them to help build a new product and brand direction for Gemmi. One that brings together the past heritage of unique luxury fur, with a Finnish direction of minimalism. Sara Simmonds Fashion Consultancy and Gemmi are super excited to now be bringing to London the new exclusive, custom created range to London stores and the Luxury Community in London, Europe and around the world.

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Gemmi’s fur coats are inspired by the contrasts at the heart of their Finnish heritage – creating beauty and flair from the harsh northern landscape, and luxurious aesthetics combined with Scandinavian function and practicality. Together with Sara Simmonds Fashion Consultancy, Gemmi aimed to emphasise that contrast of tradition with innovation and contemporary, vibrant design with generations of knowledge and skill. The amazing designs their team has created balance rich luxurious materials with animated shots of colour and breath edginess and spontaneity into the high glamour image of fur coats.

Fur and texture has been such a dynamic trend this season – from Shrimp’s multi-coloured coats, to Fendi’s pom-pom tassels – and  here  Exclusively for you to read are Gemmi’s top Fur micro-trends to know about hot of the press for Autumn Winter 2016  season …



I love the way monochromatic patterns and details bring out the beautiful movements fur makes as you walk. I love the modern edge to this coat, mixing street-stytle cool with the fur coat’s sophistication.


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Fur trimmings in unexpected places – think fur cuffs on the ends of shirt sleeves, fur domes on peaked caps – like this one by Gemmi, fur lined shoes or fur pom-poms on the ends of laces tying heels, or bodices, or bucket bags! The possibilities are endless, and now is the time to embrace creativity.

Colour Accents

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Mixing soft neutrals with strong vibrant accents, injecting youthful energy into the timeless classic. All the rage for 2016.



Whenever I have the pleasure to wear my Gemmi coat people stop me in the street, restaurants, park to ask where it is from. That is the beauty of Gemmi, a piece of fur designed for all walks of life from uptown to Downtown, with my Jeans with my Hunters, with my Alaia Dress. Fur really is having a fashion moment, and Gemmi is leading the way in dynamic luxury that’s just so much fun to wear.

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