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Today I am feeling excited and emotional at the same time. This is a big day for myself and Team Wow Maker. It is a day 17 years in the making, 17 years in training and 6 months of dedicated hard work hunting all over the world to source and connect the world’s greatest Fashion Makers. And now I can bring you them all in one place, my Instagram, @bespokeyourworld, which I have been creating alongside my London Fashion Consultancy. Not only are they unique, limited and one of a kind, but are also made with love, passion and dedicated craftsmanship. MY dream is to empower, inspire and to showcase collections you can truly love.


From this day on you will have the opportunity to not only Discover and Love, but to Buy and Own one of a kind luxury pieces brought to you directly on Instagram. As well as empowering brands through my London Fashion Consultancy, it has always been my dream to connect us – those that love feeling unique through fashion, with undiscovered luxury. What you’ll see on my page is my curated edit of the best Fashion Makers exclusively hunted for you.


Today I posted this beautiful pair of hand-made crochet espadrilles, by Fashion Maker Sabinna. I just love having the opportunity to share all these amazing pieces I’ve hunted, empowering makers and shoppers alike to bespoke their worlds with unique luxury pieces.

As well as a Fashion Consultancy business here in London – I now have the shop I always dreamed of building – watch out for any piece you see that has the blue Buy button, as these pieces are there for you to buy right there on Instagram! All you do is comment on the post with your email address, or send me a DM, and the piece is yours. Watch this space for Wow pieces to Discover, Love and Own.

Love, Sara

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