We can not know fashion unless we know denim


A multi billion pound arena and a central piece across genres, the right jeans can change lives. Customers invest their buying power in quality, and show their loyalty to those doing denim the best.

Be it in luxury, designer, bespoke, global sourcing, high street fashion, or sustainability, Sara draws upon a wealth of experience to empower her clients with original ideas – and positioning that leaves their competitors behind.

Helping brands revolutionize their denim offer and win loyalty

As well as denim strategies for global brands and her own award-winning denim company Sharkah Chakra, Sara works hand in hand with suppliers Рindividual artisans and manufacturers across India, Italy, Turkey, China, Bangladesh, LA, and Pakistan Рto revolutionise their product and create growth legacies that last.

Sara specifically focuses on up-skilling suppliers; training workers to make better jeans and a positive impact upon their livelihood

On the ground her mastery of cut and quality translates to the best possible shape and fit: accepting nothing less than WOW.