As a Fashion Consultant, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this industry, it’s that everyone who’s into fashion wants to be individual. With the dominance of street style and expressive personal style, it’s truer now than ever. Anastasia, founder of crafted luxury accessories label Irisandals, empowers wearers to achieve that. Personalisation, in all its different forms, continues to be a major trend for 2016 and beyond, and Anastasia’s jewellery has this at its heart. At Bespoke Your World I’m building a space in which BYW Woman can find Fashion Makers and brands who are creating luxury with soul, luxury that is crafted, luxury that has a deeper story to it than just an expensive price tag.

Sara Simmonds with Irisandals

I spend a lot of time visiting studios as a fashion consultant to different brands, and when I went to visit Anastasia’s North London workshop I was struck by the modern clean lines and elegant creativity of Irisandals jewellery. Personalisation is everything to Anastasia – the Fashion Maker behind Irisandals – as a backlash to the uniformity of what so much of the high street and main stream luxury has become.

Fashion Consultant Sara Simmonds

‘When I make my accessories collections I’m creating something, but I’m leaving some creativity to the customer, to the woman that wears them.’ For Anastasia, and for me, owning unique luxury is about making women feel powerful through giving the choice to own or create something individual.

As Anastasia demonstrates the sleek magnetic clasps allowing her bracelets to separate and combine, creating a never ending series of ways to wear her pieces. Each piece you own can be interconnected to the next, so it can be either one bangle or two or three, or tied together into one necklace. Each day you can create a different look with Anastasia’s pieces, personalised to your mood and your outfit.

Frame-02-03-2016-01-08-10Sara Simmonds with Irisandals

‘There is always space for creativity and personalisation’, Anastasia says. And it fascinates people; Anastasia laughs as she tells me about a woman stopping her on the tube after watching her customise and change her jewellery. It’s such a simple way to alter and create something new and unique from separate pieces. It makes me think of traditions among women in historical communities, using their skills and craft to carve out uniqueness and identity for themselves. It’s amazing to be able to tap into that customisation of jewellery as a way of expressing identity and purpose; crafts and making skills passed down through generations, each woman creating her own unique pattern or style with those same ancient skills.


Irisandals’s craft is inspired by traditional Greek jewellery, and Anastasia’s pieces sing of the Mediterranean. I love the globetrotter trend, all over the SS16 catwalks and amongst the brands who I love and work with as a fashion consultant: luxe tassels, pompoms and beadwork… but I also love scouring markets in places around the world I’ve travelled, hunting for authentic pieces to add to my collection. Irisandals bridges both, combining the artisan skills and jewellery-making techniques of Greece with the polish and visual impact of a luxury brand.



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