Empowering clients to make the best products in the world, for the best retailers in the world…


What sets Zara Woman apart as a global high street operator is quality of the products they produce and the volume they buy. Together these make them a number 1 target for every supplier in the world to want to work with.

This fierce competition means that a supplier needs to not only deliver the best products in the world, but also understand the taste level of what the Zara Woman Buying and Design team want in terms of trend direction, workmanship and design. Plus, they need need to have a USP that will excite the Zara Woman Buying and Design team to select their products. Lastly the time taken for Zara to take on a new supplier can take over 2 years.

Over the course of 6 months Sara Simmonds fashion consultancy created a Product Development repositioning project for a leading apparel supplier with the specific objectives to elevate their product offer and sell to Zara Woman.

We developed a product strategy for the business to build a unique value product proposition.

The BIG IDEA was to create products so superior in the workmanship that nobody else in their country could compete with, combined with using the best fabrics in the world. The result was an edge over their competition.

Sara and her team worked across continents with the design and manufacturing teams over Skype and in person to build one creative force, uniting everyone to work together as one force to achieve the best results.

Once the collections were ready, Sara travelled with the team to the Zara Head Offices in E Coruna. Understanding the taste level of world leading buyers and designers is one of this fashion consultancy core strengths

Zara Woman are THE Fashion Tastemakers of the high street.

By nurturing the apparel company to understand Zara and helping them to deliver collections as good as market leading Luxury brands, the manufacturer has now become a major supplier and partner to Zara Woman.