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Making IMPACT isn't easy, here is how I found out.

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impact economy

Making IMPACT isn't easy, here is how I found out.

After seeing the waste in the products and services we make, I realised INNOVATION is not only the way to build an IMPACT economy, it's also what people want.

Where my journey into IMPACT entrepreneurship began was with a pair of Jeans. in 2006, whilst working as head denim buyer for one of the world's greatest luxury retailers and visiting the greatest centres of denim production globally in Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh and China I saw hands on how denim production generates millions of litres of wastewater, and learnt how the chemicals used in the dyeing and finish process can create waste that pollutes the environment and waters badly.

It was then I launched my first mission for IMPACT INNOVATION.

To create the World's First Luxury Jeans brand to be made sustainably for people and our planet.

The brand was called Sharkah Chakra

The problem I found with innovation is its COMPLEX.

I couldn't say back then I was making the world's first luxury jeans brands to be made sustainably for people and our planet.

Instead, I said I've invented the world's first handmade jeans, that are organic, naturally dyed, 100% fairtrade, Handwoven, and carbon neutral, the result was that I could not make the IMPACT I wanted to make - as people did not understand my innovation. Sound familiar?

It was ONLY after I built the impact innovator ROADMAP that I could SIMPLIFY my brand to its "Hero Product Offer".


When I simplified Sharkah Chakra we went on to be able to increase our social impact, as our sales grew, and our store footprint grew.

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