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Unlocking Greater IMPACT: My Journey Through 30 Books a Year

#businesswithpurpose #cleanenergy #greenbusiness #impacteconomy #impactstrategy #leadership #purposedrivenbusiness #sustainablebusiness #sustainablegrowth #techforgood #zerowaste Aug 18, 2023

3 years ago I set a goal to read 30 books a year, it supercharged my ability to make IMPACT at a greater level. Why? Because often what holds us back is not our ability but our AWARENESS of the right roadmap.

Each Friday I will share one of my TOP books with you to make the IMPACT you dream of without wasting time.

Starting today with IMPACT by Sir Ronald Cohen. This book was a game changer for me, as it shares how :-

"The IMPACT revolution is reshaping our economic system, transforming the private sector from a polluter and a driver of inequality into a powerful for good." Sir Ronald Cohen.

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