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We are each born with our own unique mission to make IMPACT

change makers impact economy impact strategy purpose driven business sustainable growth zero waste Aug 14, 2023
We are each born with our own unique mission to make IMPACT.

Today, to unlock your mission:-

STEP 1 is to find what inspired and moved you growing up. 
STEP 2 is to assess if you are living your real mission now?
STEP 3 If you challenge yourself, can you simplify your mission so people understand it in less than 20 words, if you are not, what do you want to change today to start living your real mission NOW? 💚

I grew up the daughter of a self-made entrepreneur, whose mission was to take locally made Yorkshire textile cloth to global markets to positively impact people and the planet 🌎

As my Dad's sales expanded from the UK across Europe the Middle East and Africa, I saw the positive social impact and environmental impact the products and services we make can have to transform our world. Sustainable sales growth meant his company could invest in some of the first sustainable manufacturing methods for circular manufacturing to exist in the 1980s - taking fabric production waste and reusing the waste into bedding mattresses.

My mission to continue my Dad's legacy of innovating products and services that positively impact people and the planet was born.

Here's the big BUT! 🚫

When I landed my dream job in the corporate world, working as a head buyer and product innovator from some of the worlds greatest retailers what I saw was at times soulless consumption, excess waste, and making products and services driven by profit and without impact.

This is what gave me my deeper mission.

A vision for an IMPACT ECONOMY - Where all the products and services we make are balanced to create profit and a positive impact.

Today, the impact economy is being led by business owners and entrepreneurs driving change.

My mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, tech for good and change makers build the impact they dream of without wasting time.

Mission comes from something that inspired you deep inside your soul as you grew up, that you wanted to protect, change, champion, transform or re:imagine.

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